$250 stimulus check for SSI Recipients In 2010

In 2010, President Obama will be paying out a $250 stimulus check to all eligible recipients of SSI which is stands for “Supplemental Security Income”.  This $250 payment is part of his ongoing efforts to stimulate the poor economy out of recession.

Who is eligible for the $250 stimulus?

Anyone who is currently receiving SSI payments will be eligible for the $250 check.  There are also some other groups who will receive this check including Social Security recipients and disabled veterans.

[Update – Jan 4 – Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?]

[update – find out about the new $250 stimulus check in 2010 for Social Security recipients]

Update –Will there be a stimulus check in 2010?]

When will the $250 checks be paid out?

It is not known at this time when the payments will be made but it is likely that they will be paid in the first quarter of 2010 (ie before the end of March).

Is there any income limit for the $250 payment?

No, it doesn’t matter if you have other income or if you are working or not.  It doesn’t matter how much income you make – you will still get the check.

How much will this cost the government?

According to White house officials, the cost of all the stimulus checks will be $13 billion.  A large amount of money but don’t forget that the stimulus package for 2009 was almost $800 billion.

Why is the government doing this?

The government is giving out this money in order to try to stimulate the economy.  Because of problems in the financial markets and housing markets over the last 2 years, there has been a slowdown in economic activity in America and many job losses.  By putting extra money into the economy it is hoped that the decline of the economy can be slowed down or even reversed.

Will it be a check or electronic payment?

The $250 should be given to you in the same format you currently receive your regular Social Security payment.  If you get your SS payment by check then the $250 will also be by check.  If you get your SS payment deposited in to your bank account then the $250 will also be deposited into your bank account.

Social Security Stimulus Check 2010 – FAQ

$250 stimulus check – will it be enough?

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011 for Social Security Recipients?

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011 for SSI Recipients?

2011 Social Security No Cost of living adjustment

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Yes, Denny the disabled are worth the trouble my grandson was born with cancer thank god he is 4 years old right now and in remission. I am sick to with a couple of illnesses and can not work but we must go on and fight for what we believe in. Just like the armed forces fight for our freedom we must fight for our freedom to have what we need. We must stand up for ourselves and what is important to us our survival we must be heard.

I think its great that some of us do get the $250. Every dime helps this day and age, I just saw it in todays’s paper, but I want to know if people with ssi get the money as well, and medicaid

from what i understand so far , the 250 was allready given to those only that met the donut hole on there medical situations and those have all been sent out previously , ive heard of no new news recently about any one else getting it for any other reasons , all i know is march 3rd of this year obama did try to get bill passed but congress voted no on it, 53 to 47 , im pretty sure only the ones that got it allready is getting it , i mabe wrong but from what ive learned sofar thats all on this issue, there is a petition out on it trying to plead on our behalf, but if you watch the news they are switching gears in goverment and republicans say they will fight anything to do on spending and democrats are leaning to that side of the fence aswell, im no pollition or a enconimist but im pretty sure they wont be giving us the 250 , i pray things get better fer us , alot of us need more help but the goverment seams to only be looking into ways to reduce our checks in the future and cut backs ectra, ectra , ectra….. for those of us doing well im happy for you , for those of us not doing well ill pray for you , god bless us all ,never give up and be thankful for what little we may have , speak to yer congress men and women , tell them our stories and watch what they do in congress and if we are not happy with there work rember them on vote day , it will take every one of us together we stand divided we fall , democrat or republican dont matter its the person who sits in the chairs of congress and there actions that matter to us , we need to look deeper when we vote not just one party but the person them selves is what counts most , actions speak louder then words in my book , ill vote for the person , not the party in the future ,both sides have there good people and bad people , we just gotta pay more attension and weed out the bad ones no matter wich party they represent, i beleave our current sitution we in is because most of us pick a side, republicans / democrats and vote on the ideal of the whole party when we should be looking into every single person and there intensions and vote wisely even if some are democrats and you are generally republican or visa versa , no matter what party they represent its there actions that matter most not there party they represent , atleast thats my thoughts , vote from our hearts not the partys as a whole do alot of research before voting and vote for the one who best represents you as a individual no matter what side of fence they on if they are a good person it will make a differnce , this is still the best country on earth in my book and it deserves the best people to run it on both sides the choice is ours to make to get them in office so we need to really know each person we cast our votes on as indivduals not the party they represent, look deep next vote , Godbless america and let our people’s voices be heard

This is an email from my congressman dated August 18, 2010:

August 19, 2010

Dear Ms. #####:

I appreciate your contacting me about the Social Security cost of living adjustment (COLA) and what is being done to help seniors. I have cosponsored H.R. 4429, the Restoring the Social Security COLA Act. This bill would provide a $250 payment to seniors in lieu of a Social Security COLA this year. This legislation is still pending which is why there has not yet been a $250 payment.

This year there was not a COLA because each year it is based on how much more expensive a variety of consumer goods are than they were the previous year. The criteria used to calculate the COLA, known as the Consumer Price Index (CPI), found that the price of goods did not go up from last year. As a result, there was not a COLA increase this year. However, the CPI measures the goods and services consumed by urban consumers and not by senior citizens.

I know that prices of goods consumed by seniors have continued to rise. I am pleased to inform you that I have cosponsored H.R. 2365, the Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers Act of 2009, which would base the Social Security COLA on the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E). Estimates have shown that if the Social Security COLA were tied to the CPI-E, seniors would be receiving more money than they are now because the basket of goods in the CPI-E is a better reflection of what seniors consume. For instance, the CPI-E places more emphasis on health care and housing costs than the regular CPI.

Furthermore, I am an original cosponsor of H.R. 5927, the Seniors Protection Act, which would provide a $250 payment to all Social Security recipients in the event that there is not a COLA next year.

As a member of the Seniors Task Force and a cosponsor of the Seniors Bill of Rights, I know how much senior citizens are struggling during this tough economic time. I will continue to work hard and sponsor legislation that will benefit senior citizens in southwestern Pennsylvania and across our nation.

Again, I appreciate your contacting me. I encourage you to keep in touch on more issues of importance to you.


Your Congressman

It sucks big time that they cannot agree to something as simple as a $250 stimulus payment while the big businesses are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I am a single mother of 2 children living off disability and that is not enough not to mention I get crap for food stamps. Myself, a 10 year old and a 5 year old cannot live off $624 a month, that is damn near impossible. Obama get with the f-ing program. You are the president and should get these clowns to stop the bullshit. I am ashamed to say my parents and I voted for you….thank God she did not live to see the suffering my children and I are going through…smh $250 isn’t slot but when someone like me is struggling, cannot even afford my kids school uniforms, yes that money would be a blessing in disguise…shame on you

I am really bummed out about the cola, ecpecially since my landlord is raising my rent $20.00 on Oct.1.
Also I didn’t apply for the first stimulus. I wondered if there is any way to get that money now?
I really am empathetic with everyone who is poor in this country. I worked all of my life. Now I am disabled and grateful for what I do get from the gov. I don’t expect $250 but like all of you I could really use it.

One other thing, did you all know that if a person makes over $90.000 a year, that is all he has to pay taxes on. I think in 2006 it was $95.000. I know this for a fact because they are trying to get my boyfreind to pay $200.00, and this was listed in the tax table that they sent to him. I was pretty sure this was true even before I read that.

I was watching Meet the Press one morning, the guests were (can’t think of the names) but the guy was the head of the democratic campaign party and his wife who was the head of the republic campaign party. The host asked them who was the most powerful man in D.C., and (I couldn’t believe it!) he said Larry Flynt, yeah you got it right, the “Hustler” magazine guy. The reason was that since his is a film maker he makes all these films on how to do things, like screw in a light bulb, paint a wall, etc.

It’s true it is a government for the government. I also believe that in 2012 the Antichrist will be the new president.

I have a friend that received a 250.00 stimulus ck that has just now been informed that she will be receiving SSI/SSA benefits. In fact she has not even received her award letter as of yet. I am inquiring why she has received this money and I who has been receiving SSI/SSA benefits have not? She received her ck Sept 19th 2010. Please respond to the e-mail address above with any information you may have in regards to this.

Thank you,
Theresa Gordon

Dear Spare Me, exactly when and where did you hear or read that we are suppose to receive a stimulus rebate in the month of October,I live in Dayton,Ohio and I watch the early news broadcast,and read the paper daily and I have yet to read or hear anything like that.Please send the name of the t.v. or radio station name and nimber I would like to chech into this futher.

I to did here on the news, we are to get a stimulus check. But what i hered was we would get it befor the end of the year. I watchd this on my local news station.

On Tuesday, October 12,2010 I also heard that there just maybe a stimulus rebate for us that on on s.s.i and other persons on disability.No date has been given,but it is suppose to before the end of the year.Watch your local news or CNN News for futher details.

All I’ve heard is that they are expected to announce NO COLA for 2011 this friday… Like thats a shocker… crooks…

this was in my local newspaper online at
Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., chairman of the Ways and Means subcommittee on Social Security, has introduced a new bill to provide $250 payments to seniors, if there is no increase in Social Security. Maybe, he said, there will be more of an appetite in Congress to pass it after lawmakers hear from voters in November.

wonder where we all can contact him and maybe he can submitt our thoughts on it?????

I will believe it when we get the 250.00 .Or will it go to anyone that goes into the donut hole.

no mention at all for ssi recipents on the 250 that are disabled but not a senior , but seniors might get a check fer 250 before end of year its up fer vote in congress , still just a bill , nothing written in stone yet

there is just a bill at moment and they are not going to vote on it till after 11/2/10 elections , and my guess is if republicans do get majority in house and senate then they will most likely repeal the bill and vote no on it cause they want to reduce payments to ssi and ss recipents and many other social programs will be reduced or even worse … totall shutdown on the programs, they want to cut spending in every way to reduce deficit , everyone will be affected …8( just my opinion but if ya watch news like i do everyday ive heard nothing but cuts in future towards these types of programs from republicans so far , im with them in other ways but disagree with them on what they wanna do to our ss/ssi , we are poor enuff and unable to work we shouldnt have our benefits yanked away from us when we cant support ourselves on what little we do get .. god bless america , and our people , hopefully we keep our morals in the future and take care of our disabled, sick and old , i hope we never loose those morals

Just got an auto deposit for $74.85 from SSI. I usually get $18 from SSI (Calif) and the rest from Social Security Disability totalling the exact amount Calif gives to people who only get SSI (around $900 – don’t freak, it’s Calif and my rent is $675 for a studio apt). Anyhoo, so far, unlike every other money I’ve ever gotten from SSD/SSI I received no prior notice it was coming, and so far no explanation.

BTW, notice the date. Monday, November 1 is when I would expect my normal SSI auto-deposit, with SSD on the 3rd of each month. Oct 26 is way too early.

well folks
i just saw a 250.00 check with my own eyes
it was for my neighbor.
the letter with it said
this is to all ss reciepients that have reached the coverage gap in their medicare part b
our records s how as of this date that has been met as a part of president O B’s stimulus package blah blah ect
but at least some of us will be getting something …
just fyi

I am on ssi and if i get a $250.00 check i will not complain because i like getting any kind of check weather it is stimulus or ssi check i can use them both to put in the bank. So quit complaining and enjoy your money as you please. Janet Hull

if any of the people get sick and have to depend on social security in which they Should be entitle to it there money and for any that receive ssi it for the disabled and believe me it not easy to get disability my SISTERlived 3 days when she got her check fools that fuss about people that get help i hope the hell they dont get sick and need any public assistant such as ssi are ssal congress and some of the republicans that want to get rid of ssi and ssa try to live on the minimum wages we do better to people that are our enemies in other countries than our on people god help the people that do nt think people get sick and need help it could be there shoes that miiight need help and it will be to late for all those crying taxpayers that want to do away with sS AND SSI REMEMBER IT MIGHT BE THEM THAT NEEDS IT ONE DAY AND THERE GREEDY ASSES DONT TYHINKS IT FAIR FOR ANY ONE TO GET HELP WELL WE SEND HELP ALL OVER THE WORLD BUT FOR OUR ON PEOPLE THEY WANT YOU TO SHUT UP AND DIE


I have a friend who has been trying to get ssi for over 10 years now and they keep telling him no, go and get a job he has had several heart attacks and now his kidneys and liver is now failing him what’s a person suppose to do when you are so sick you can’t even hold your head up. This world is really messed up no one really cares about their fellow man. What is this world coming to.I pray for this nation the Congress and the Senate constanly sending aid to other coutries when there are millions of people right here in the United States,that are hungry and sleeping under bridges no job,no insurance no means of help what so ever.I see why so many people are angry and upset after you have worked on ajob for many years then all of a sudden you are jobless, about o lose your home , and possibly later on down the line you actually lose your home your unemployment runs out what the hell are you suppose to do. GOD HELP THIS NATION PLEASE.

I think it’s ridiculous how people get denied ssi and they have all these problems. I think the government wants everyone working, cuz the more people that work the more money they get. They’re like parasites feeding off of us. They don’t care if we’re sick or what. If the republicans win, we’re going to be in a big mess. How are we going to live if they cut ssi?? The republicans are only for the rich. Why don’t they tax them? LEAVE THE POOR PEOPLE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that you guys feel that if the republicans win it will get worse but before the election the democrats had already decided not give us our raises because of the cola. That’s a lie because I knew last summer we were not getting a raise for 2011 it was decided then. We must have a balance government the republicans control the house and the democrats control the senate each party has a part in what is going to happen. Its called even up the board the democrats should not control the whole show and neither should the republicans they need to quit acting like children and get this nation back on its feet by working together like our forefathers did. Please have faith that they can finally work out their diffrences.

Another thing that maybe you guys were not aware of I knew last summer they were not giving us our raises in 2011. They had already decided to cut them out to at least 2012 or 2013 I read that . They made the annoucement in October but they had already made up their minds not give us our raises last summer. The democrats were in complete control then now they are not.

COLA (cost of Living) increases are not determined by a political party group. The President has no input; your senator has no input; members of the House do not have any input; you governor has no input, your mayor has no input….your brother-in-law who ran for sheriff has no input.
It is based upon a number of price indices of product/services that are monitored for fluctuation, and compared against previous year’s values. It the ‘cost-of-living’ is deemed ‘higher’ SS recipients get an appropriate increase.
I’m guessing there is a similarity in the how unions negotiate raises for those week sheep that still belong to them.
While it has been established there will not be an increase put into place for 2011, decisions about an increase (if any) would not be determined until after 1Q 2011, or around mid-end-of-April. That decision may not even be announced until as late as it was this year…during the summer.

It’s strange that I have found two direct deposits from Social Security dated 11/2 for me and my husband (we both are social security benefits recepients) at $180 and $400, respectively. Neither one is the supposed $250, and they add up into $580. Anybody may know what’s going on? Is it an error? Thanks.

Lily — Gee whiz, girl! Don’t ask us; we have no clue. And our opinions could get you in trouble. Howsabout contacting your local SS office for the correct answer?

I love reading the letters on this site some are very funny but on the other hand some are very sad and heartfelt. I to ,is very worried about this nations outcome because I am a 58 year old Mother and and I have a 25 year old.physically and mentally challenged daughter who receives social security benefits I pray that things will go well and we will not feel the raft so bad.There is a site that I found while onthis page that shedded some light on the issue of the $250.00 checks. It was written by Rep. Earl PomeroyD-N.D. chairman of the ways and Means sun committee on Social Security,has introduced a new bill tp provide $250.00,payments to seniors if there”IS NO” increase in social security (cola) after the November election to read the complete article log on to http://www.buffalo national-news/article216122ece. Good Luck, and let’s stay prayerful and trust and believe that God can and will pull that the heartstrings of the Congress and Senate on our behalf.

45 Dems voted yea/ 1 Republican/1 Independent =47
12 Dems voted nay/38 Republicans/3 Republicans refused to vote=50

There will be no stimulus. Obama pushed for it but after 3 times coming up for a vote, we lost out again.

This vote was in March and most of these people lost their seats this last election now you know why. For starters all the ones that had seats in my state the state of Mich. Retired we voted in new people the ones in west Mich was going to vote them out anyway. I would been one of the voters that would of voted against them. Because they do not deserve their seats.

Iam 50 and i was a nurse ad for 12 years in 2008 i got cancer had over hafe my inside cut and burnt out now i had to have my left lung removed i done lost my home and my car do to not able to work i try for ssi and hat told me to work tell i was 65 then come back but i can say if i was a druge i would get it fast i walk 6 mils every day to take cheno and there is no help for no one and for jobs there is none so how an you get a job

Iam 50 and i was a nurse ad for 12 years in 2008 i got cancer had over hafe my inside cut and burnt out now i had to have my left lung removed i done lost my home and my car do to not able to work i try for ssi and hat told me to work tell i was 65 then come back but i can say if i was a druge i would get it fast i walk 6 mils every day to take cheno and there is no help for no one and for jobs there is none so how you get a job

Thats why voting to me is so important all summer I have sighned petitions to try help seniors and the people on Social security get what they deserved. We must work together. Go back and reapply for ssi and if that does not work get a social security lawyer. Sometimes you must fight for what you want. I am on social Security and I am hear to tell you they will try to stop you but you must keep trying to get what money you deserve. Don’t give up just because this government has given up on us.

i want two take care of my children i am on ssi and we havent even got a raise in check in two years and some got there stimlas but a lot didnt we all deserve two a little peace of mine the goverment need need ride with poor and live in our shoes the daily struggle

i will add to the comment above , what part of it they dont understand , give money to rich they will save alot of it ,,if they give it to us poor we have to spend it to survive , it goes back into the economy fast and that helps much better then giving it to rich that wont spend it, there is a ecom study that if they freeze tax cuts on top 1% it saves them $349.0000 per year each person …ya could give everyone in the country a check for $1000 fer the same cuts fer the rich , if they gave us the $1000, much much of it would go into the economy , much more then what the rich would invest and create .

i will add to the comment above , what part of it the goverment dont understand ? , give money to rich they will save alot of it ,,if they give it to us poor we have to spend it to survive , it goes back into the economy fast and that helps much better then giving it to rich that wont spend it or they will invest it overseas , there is a ecom study that if they freeze tax cuts on top 1% it saves them $349.0000 per year each person …ya could give everyone in the country a check for $1000 instead for the same price it would save for the rich , if they gave us the $1000, much much of it would go into the economy , much more then what the rich would invest and create jobs .think about it the top 1% would only take the savings and if they did invest it would go over seas where they could make stuff much cheaper and make them much richer…. thats what the mega rich has done the last 15 years strait why would they stop doing it now?

My husband and I try to raise to boys on his SSDI income, it is impossible while we sit here try to figure who gets paid and who dont, it’s funny how they say we are the richest country in the world but yet it is clear to me that the only reason we are is because no one counts us small guys, I have applied to SS for myself and try to sell Tupperware if we are coming out of economic emergency then why is no one buying… I have even applied for jobs but because I have been out of the job market for nearly 9 years no one will hire me, I do not see change for the good I see change for the worse and it keeps getting worse. It’s not like I am sitting here doing nothing being a drain on society I have tried but along with being out of the market for so long I have health issues that cant guarantee me at work every day, who would want to hire me??? so I have tried several Direct sales things, Tupperware is my last hope, what after this is gonna happen if I cant make a go of this?

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